VP of Engineering

19 июля 2018    38
Oddball is seeking to add a VP of Engineering to our mighty team to help us scale and build out our engineering capabilities in our federal practice. The VP of Engineering will be the primary individual responsible for ensuring high-quality engineering in federal projects at Oddball.

The VP of Engineering is responsible for the following:

  • Establishing the career paths for the engineering practice area. This includes setting expected skill levels, setting the number of “rungs” on the career ladder, and establishing mentoring capabilities within the company
  • Architecting solutions that are valuable  and used across multiple programs
  • Guiding program teams to adopt consistent solutions to engineering and technical problems, and encouraging technical consistency across programs
  • Overseeing the screening process for all engineering candidates
  • Determining engineers’ eligibility for rotation and promotion
  • Providing technical oversight of all programs
  • Supporting and guiding team leads in both managerial and technical aspects
  • Publishing or organizing content that communicates Oddball’s engineering achievements and processes
  • Building programs to train and assess growing engineers
  • Implementing agile and working with client’s to do so.
  • Building technical strategies and assessing tech opportunities that can help us increase our performance
  • Building multiple software development lifecycles for client needs
  • Influencing and driving change with federal clients

The VP of Engineering is accountable for the following

  • Engineering screening process
  • Engineering mentorship program
  • Determining promotion eligibility
  • Determining team composition and assignment
  • Technical lead performance

Our ideal candidate would have experience being part of an ATO process at the federal level.
The VP of Engineering would also have experience managing devops transformations and cloud migrations.

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