Вакансия Vue Developer

2 февраля 2021    40

We are looking for an enthusiastic and responsible front end developer to join our small team. You will be working directly with the founding engineer (CTO) on building the MVP of our skill-development platform. Our target UI framework is Vue.js, a simple, easy to learn and fast framework. Prior experience with Vue is preferred but not required, as long as you are proficient in another front-end framework, such as Angular or React. Must be well versed in CSS and know raw javascript programming concepts. Be able to include external components and write your own. You should be able to set up the project structure, choose a CSS framework, such as Vuetify or Bootstrap. Configure the build and deploy script for the project.

You will work remotely, but you should have several hours a day of overlap with the EST time zone. You should be reachable by chat during an agreed time window, and available for video conferences.

Upon successfull implementation of the first phase of the project, long term full-time employment is possbile.


2+ years of experience with front-end frameworks. Expert knowledge of one of the frameworks and willingness to learn Vue.js.

CSS, HTML, Webpack, npm, Babel, Bootstrap or similar.


About the project:

You will be creating a one of a kind skill-development platform. The application will be available in the browser and on mobile devices and will offer a polished user experience. It will have modules for authentication, browser notifications, video playback and more.

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