Вакансия Senior iOS Engineer

11 ноября 2020    32

Vochi creates a mobile application that allows you to select any object on the video and apply effects to it in real time without losing quality in Full HD. All this thanks to neural networks well-optimized for mobile devices and its own technology for rendering video effects. In the final form this product will contain an editor, an inspirational and educational platform with its own content. Vochi strives to provide the same capabilities as professional editors for PC.

Your tasks will be:

  •  Develop the iOS application and visual components
  •  Embed Computer Vision Algorithms in an application
  •  Launch the neural networks on a device
  •  Metrics collection and synchronization
  •  Work with audio, video and photo content


  •  Extensive experience with Swift, iOS SDK, Xcode
  •  Good knowledge of OOP, SOLID
  •  Experience with UIKit
  •  Experience with CoreML
  •  Experience with data structures and classical algorithms
  •  Experience with GCD, NSOperations
  •  Knowledge of HTTP / REST API, Network Security Basics
  •  Experience with gitWill be a Plus:
  •  Experience with in-app purchases
  •  Experience mixing C, C ++, Objective-C, and Swift code
  •  Experience with CI/CDVochi provides:
  •  cozy office in Minsk, Belarus
  •  strong and friendly team, feedbacks, one-on-ones, mentoring
  •  official employment (1-year contact)
  •  paid sick leaves and vacation
  •  educational budget

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