Вакансия Senior Data analyst

16 июля 2021    22

We are a team of traders, developers and researchers dedicated to developing quantitative strategies, building a world-class data platform and research.

Together with us, you will develop systematic quantum trading strategies using mathematical modelling, machine learning, probability theory and statistics. You will work with large amounts of data and learn how to extract hidden signals from financial markets.

Requirements for candidates:

- top university in Moscow or St. Petersburg (faculties of economics, physics and technology, mathematics);

- serious knowledge of at least 2 disciplines: probability theory, statistics, machine learning, financial engineering, economics and econometrics, linear algebra;

- knowledge or experience of working with at least one Python / R / C ++ language;

- English language;

- excellent interpersonal communication skills;

- desire to make a career as a quantitative developer, quantum analyst;

- desire and ability to develop at a fast pace and changeable environment;

- a passion for cryptocurrencies can be a big plus.

From us:

  • a corporate culture of a startup, which already has high results and clear future plans;
  • salary depends on qualifications, we need talents, everything else is solvable :) the fork is from 80 to 300 thousand for now;
  • strong expertise of colleagues, which they will be happy to share with you;
  • both remote and office are possible (Moscow, Minsk, Toronto) - how comfortable you are;
  • flexible start of the working day;
  • complete absence of bureaucracy.

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