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15 сентября 2021    66

At Alconost we localize (translate) software, mobile apps, games, and websites into more than seventy languages.

Our translators are native speakers living in a number of different countries. Our clients are companies that create and sell software, websites, and games. They include Fortune 500 businesses alongside small indie companies.

Our company has been demonstrating sustainable growth during the past 15 years. That growth is supported by our Sales Team, which includes both Outbound and Inbound Sales Managers. We are looking for someone to join our Inbound Sales team.

An ideal candidate is someone who has experience working with people on a daily basis, who’s is ready for loads of communication (both verbal and written). You should be easygoing, ready to learn, proactive, goal-oriented and not to be afraid to ask questions and take responsibility. Most of our clients are international, so fluent English is required (knowledge of second or third foreign language is an advantage).

We are looking for someone who truly loves making connections, talking to people and writing inspiring letters, and who won’t be demotivated after hearing “No thanks” a hundred times or when they don’t get an answer after the hundredth follow-up. Experience in international Sales or Business development is preferable.

Since we work with software developers, a Sales Manager’s background is quite important. It’s great if you are interested in IT, have a general understanding of how product and service companies work and make money, what the product development cycle looks like, and how apps or games are built and sold in general. It’s also great if they know how to put an HTML page together, and understand what XML and JSON are.

You will not be bound by strict KPIs, but at the same time, your compensation will be fully dependent on your performance.

We mostly work remotely. Initially, you’ll need to come into the office for training, but after that, you can work from anywhere on the planet.

Please visit our website to learn more about us: https://alconost.com

If you’re interested in this opening, please apply below.

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