Вакансия QA Engineer

18 сентября 2021    46

As a QA engineer in AppXite, you will be responsible for ensuring the quality, reliability, performance, and durability of our product. This includes (but not limited to) testing new features, designing and executing tests, identifying and reporting bugs/defects, investigating reported issues, maintaining test documentation, and analyzing our systems to identify potential quality issues that could negatively affect our product.We envision each of our employees as stakeholders, so you will be responsible for driving the collaboration with other members of the engineering team to find the best methods for solving problems and securing the quality and usability of our products.

Your mission:

  • Understand and implement effective test strategies with effective test planning, test case designing, test execution;
  • Bug/defect reporting and detailing;
  • Should be able to understand the software internals, debug problems using log files;
  • Integration testing (cross-team project testing);

That’s you:

  • 3+ years of experience in web testing;
  • Ability to effectively communicate, resolve issues, search for alternatives, and provide recommendations;
  • Experience in applying different types and techniques of testing, understanding of features and applications;
  • SQL knowledge;
  • Experience in backend testing;
  • Ability to understand and test complex algorithms;
  • Any certifications in software testing, security testing, performance testing, Azure would be highly beneficial.

Your tech stack:

  • Manual web testing; 
  • Knowledge of Azure DevOps (Test management, pipelines, wiki, etc);
  • Understanding of OOP (C#) for investigation of bugs;
  • Microsoft Partner Center (important to understand);
  • Databases and database tools (MySQL, DBeaver, etc);
  • Postman;
  • Chrome dev tools, or other tool for monitoring network traffic (e.g. Fiddler);

Our tech stack:

  • We have a monolithic solution with a bunch of microservices around it. We want to evolve the microservice approach further. For communication, we are using Azure Service Bus;
  • We are using .NET 4.7 (Web API) for our legacy solutions and .NET Core for new projects. We want to use only the latest technologies;
  • Our primary frontend framework is Angular (latest), but we are using React in some projects too. We want to evolve ngrx/redux driven applications;
  • We are using SQL Server 2016 as the primary data store, but we are friendly with other databases too;

Some challenges of this role:

  • We do not currently have strict processes, which can be off-putting
  • The priority of work can suddenly shift due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. critical issue appears on a production where you may be needed)
  • Working in an organization where your colleagues are in different countries can be different to some, where you cannot always meet with people face-to-face in the office. You need to be comfortable with video conference calls (Teams calls)

Why join AppXite?

  • We work with some of the largest companies in their industries (like Adobe, AWS, Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc.);
  • You will have skilled colleagues in an international environment;
  • You will have the opportunity to challenge, grow and develop yourself;
  • We offer professional training and certifications (Pluralsight or Coursera license);
  • Covered health insurance and telephone expenses;
  • Comfortable new office with free parking;
  • Free lunches and gym;
  • Employee referral program;
  • Support for relocation, work permits, and other administrative procedure;

Join the challenge: we grow together!

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