Вакансия Performance Marketing Expert

7 июля 2021    32

We're looking for a hands-on marketer with strong skills in communicating and pitching core company’s values and services. As a marketer at Railsware you will be responsible for defining communication approaches, aligning brand messaging across different channels, and maintaining design consistency.


  • Excellent writing skills
  • Short-form content creation: landing pages, emails, pitches, ads copies
  • Experience in preparing mock-ups and designing requirements
  • Understanding the funnel and user journey
  • Experience in identifying the key targets, success metrics, and shaping roadmaps
  • Experience in identifying unique value in complex tech products
  • Messaging and positioning of the company and products
  • Customer development experience
  • Fluent English (both writing and speaking)
  • Ability to manage multiple contexts
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Proactive project management
  • Excellent Google Analytics, Figma (or similar) skills


  • Deliver mock ups and copies for landing pages
  • Deliver remarkable content for site, blogs, and external media
  • Define communication strategies for core Railsware concepts
  • Contribute to promotion Railsware as an employer
  • Contribute to promoting one of Railsware products: Mailtrap.io, Coupler.io or Smart Checklist for Jira
  • Ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts
  • Become the organization’s agent towards external parties such as media, stakeholders and potential clients, and build strategic partnerships
  • Produce valuable and engaging content for our website and blog that attracts and converts our target groups



Railsware is a product studio. Since 2007, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation. Among others, we have helped Calendly and BrightBytes turn from small startups into close-to-billion-dollar companies.

Railsware products are the next step in company evolution. We have applied the best product development practices to creating our own solutions. Today, Mailtrap.ioCoupler.io, and Smart Checklist for Jira have over 800K users and generate over $1.7M of annual recurring revenue.

People feel great here. On average, a Railswarian stays in the company for about 5 years. We support our team with outstanding benefits and remote working culture.

We look for people with high potential ready to evolve in multiple directions. The right hires shape a team of A-players to learn from each other and evolve together.

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