Вакансия Junior Data Scientist

5 января 2021    64

We’re hiring for a Junior Data Scientist at Innovative Future!

Are you full of energy and ready to realize your big ambitions within an innovative brand new company (IT-startup)? If so, you've come to the right place!


At Innovative Future, we're creating an intelligent InFuture platform that helps clients to improve service delivery and increase efficiency of the entire business by digitizing manual processes, maximizing the productivity of people, and better integrating legacy technology systems in such domains as Banking & Finance, Insurance, HealthCare and other.

We use machine learning approaches and statistical techniques to classify and extract data from huge amounts of structured and unstructured documents (invoices, e-mails, images, etc.) of various formats (.doc, .pdf, .png, etc.) with better quality and in times faster than other world competitors.


We are looking for talented and motivated junior specialist with a great fervour and enthusiasm to study a new specialty in Data Science field.


- Development and validation of new ML models within our product (classification, clusterization etc.)

- Data analysis and refining (raw data cleaning, structuring and enriching)

- Visualize and communicate obtained results


- Knowledge and hands-on experience with any of languages such as Java / C++ / Python / PHP

- Experience with SQL and databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.)

- English A2+

- Technical education, mathematically-minded


- Deep learning understanding (PyTorch / TensorFlow)

- Computer vision (OpenCV / scikit-image)

- Data visualization skills

- Natural language processing


- Innovative solutions development to the world’s digital transformation

- Opportunities for self-realization

- Friendly team and flexible working schedule

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