Вакансия Junior AI/ML engineer

29 мая 2021    40

The information technology landscape has probably seen more change in the past five years than in the previous twenty, and the pace is only accelerating. If you’re looking for a career on the cutting edge of modern technologies and want to accumulate skills for the age of disruption, we offer very competitive compensation and benefits to qualified candidates.

We are an aggressive startup, offering both product and services centered on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


  • Creative thinking, abillity and desire to learn quickly.
  • 2+ years of software development, some AI/ML experience (development and deployment of ML models in real world scenarios or personal projects). 
  • Knowledge of general software development: OO design, data structures, algorithms, design patterns.
  • Familiarity with the professional software development practices.

Experience in one or more of each in the following:

Frameworks and technologies: Tensorflow, Keras, TensorFlow Probability, PlaidML, Infer.NET, MXNet, PyTorch, Flux, Spark, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB.

Cloud services and technologies: Amazon SageMaker, Lambda, DynamoDB; Azure Cognitive Services.

Languages: Python, R, C#, Swift.

ML specifics: deep learning and other AI subsets, Bayesian networks and inference, training and tuning neural networks, classificators, signal processing, NLP, computer vision.

Background: probability theory, statistics, graph theory, MATLAB.

Remote work: flexible working hours, flexible location, and flexible time zone.Usual benefits and more.

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