Вакансия Fullstack Javascript Consultant

6 апреля 2021    28
  • Review suitability & compatibility of 3rd party solutions with business requirements & user flows
  • Complete technical research, including the completion of technical skill testing challenges
  • Create technical challenges and questions for internal recruitment processes
  • Analyze technical challenges and conduct interviews with technical staff
  • Review code in draft daily to ensure quality code
  • Ensure compliance with best practices and coding standards
  • Make recommendations to the business from a technical standpoint
  • Russian / English translation and call assistance for project when required
  • Feature in media and / or speak in tech meetups when required
  • Participate in writing code or bug fixing when required

Mandatory requirements:

  • More than 5 years of experience working in application development projects
  • More than 2 years of experience with react.js
  • More than 2 years of experience with node.js
  • More than 2 years of experience with typescript
  • More than 3 years of experience with javascript

Bonus requirements:

  • Experience with Next.js
  • Experience with Gatsby
  • Experience with Contentful CMS
  • Experience with FaunaDB, Amazon Aurora, Google Cloudstore
  • Experience with Vercel, Netlify, Heroku
  • Experience with payment integrations
  • Experience with HR projects

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