UX / Design Lead and Design Sprint Facilitator and Coach

3 сентября 2019    24
We seek a seasoned UX Designer / Design Sprint facilitator, trainer and coach to assist in moving a large, multi-million dollar digital business initiative forward.

The Ideal Designer / Facilitator and Coach Will be VERY Seasoned in the following:

Experienced working "at scale" in a large, complex business / technology context

Highly Skilled with UX / Design Thinking:
  • Design Research: 
    • JobsToBeDone, Empathy Mapping, Contextual Inquiry, Diverge/Converge Problem Framing, etc. 
  • Design Strategy
    • Blueprinting, Journey Mapping, Personas, Competitive Audit, Stakeholder Interviews, etc.
  • Design Prototyping
    • Sketches, Diagrams, Paper Prototypes, Story Boards
  • Design Testing
    • Heuristic Evaluation, Critical Incident Technique,  
Proven Design Sprint Facilitation Skills and Experience
  • Expert at all facets of structuring and facilitating Design Sprints with a mixed business / design / technology cohort
Expert Coaching 
Ability to coach and teach others in all facets of activities listed above.

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