Up to $38/hr for Online English Teacher

28 июня 2019    54
Job Description:

   Teaching group ESL lessons online to Chinese kids 5-12 years old
   Group classes with up to 25 students are available for exceptional teachers with excellent internet connection and computer hardware.
   A wide variety of courses available including phonics, test-prep, etc.
   Working from anywhere with a computer and stable internet connection
   Pre-job training and on-board training provided
   BlingABC provides all the curriculum, so our teachers can be more focused on teaching

Apply here: http://t.blingabc.com/register?channel=BF69WJR5

Basic Requirements:

   A Bachelor’s degree or above
   Must be a holder of TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or State/provincial teaching license (still valid)
   1 year teaching experience in K-12, or ESL experience of young learners
   Wired, high speed internet connection
   Punctual, good communication skills and easy-going
   A well-balanced, flexible and adaptable nature
   A demonstrated respect of the values, cultural differences and expectations of the Chinese parents

Apply here: http://t.blingabc.com/register?channel=BF69WJR5

Salary and Benefits:

   $24 - $27/hr according to qualifications, $26-$29/hr with bonus
   $30-$38 for 1 vs 15 or more classes after additional trainings and meeting specific requirements
   Set classes semester by semester allows you to see your students’ progress
   Long term schedule allows you to plan ahead
   Our team will support you throughout the application process as well as term of employment

Apply here: http://t.blingabc.com/register?channel=BF69WJR5

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