Technical support engineer for a professional high performance trading platform

30 апреля 2019    54

Our product (Bookmap) is a real-time data visualization system and a professional high performance trading platform. We are looking for a person who has strong technical background with computers in general, and Windows OS specifically. Your skills should also include:

  • Good written English level and some spoken English level. Communication with customers must be in English
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to learn new software, system requirements, and other technological details
  • Responsible and responsive.

    Hiring procedure

  • First, please submit your solution to the following questionnaire:​hSupportQuestionnaire.pdf
  • If passed, we will offer you test task. To appreciate your effort, this test will be paid
  • Interview
  • Ability to lead a team in future
  • Conceptual thinker, able to identify repetitive tasks and define a methodology to simplify them or alert about the root cause problem
  • Competitive salary
  • Take part in a growing company with innovative product
  • Working remotely in a friendly and professional environment
  • Bonuses for performance and good feedback from customers

    It’s a full time position with working day. There are two shifts, approximately

  • 09:00 — 18:00
  • 15:00 — 23:00
    Time is given in Ukraine timezone. In your application please tell us if any of the two isn’t suitable for you. If you prefer to split the day with a long break in the middle, it’s also an option. The expected work scope is ~40h a week minus holidays. The holidays can be according to either USA (which is more preferable for us) or Ukraine holidays schedule — this is according to your preference.
  • Handling all types of support tickets, including issues that require deeper technical knowledge,
  • Working closely with Product and Development teams to keep track of common customer issues.
  • Share customer insights, and help prioritize features and bug fixes.
  • Distinguish tickets that are related to bugs and functionality from those related specific client’s system. In case of a bug in our product you will need to report it to our developers team, provide relevant information, and help them to reproduce the bug. If possible, find a temporary workaround for blocking issues. In case of client’s system issue, you will need to help clients to solve it. For example, install drivers, update the system, reinstall our software, configure antivirus/firewall (if this is the cause of the problem), etc. If necessary, you will need to perform those tasks with a remote connection to client’s computer.
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