Technical Lead (React + Node.js)

30 июля 2020    38

Currently, we are looking for a part-time Technical/Team Lead (20h/per week) to manage the client’s remote team.
Our client is an American company that helps other businesses to properly invest their earnings in stock trading using multi-channel diversification. The product is a cloud-based SaaS marketing analytics reporting tool. That provides actionable insights and multi-channel automated reporting.

Technical stack:
— React
— NodeJS
— Typescript
— Postgres — SQL Interface
— EJS — Templating
— AWS + Terraform — Hosting
— Express — Server Framework
— Axios for api calls
— Jest for testing
— Knex for DB migration
— Eslint & Prettier & HTML-Lint for linting
— Github — CI/CD

Current team: three full-time developers, one front end, two full-stack, and one part-time DevOps engineer.

How do you qualify? Candidates should have the following:

— At least three years of full-stack development experience
— At least one year as software engineering PM/Team Lead/Tech Lead
— Familiarity working with PERN Stack and AWS
— Working knowledge of Agile/Scrum development processes with experience as a scrum master
— Excellent English skills (both verbal and written)

— Remote work, or office in the very center of Kyiv
— Competitive remuneration based on qualification and contribution
— Flexible working schedule, vacations, paid sick leaves, medical insurance, English courses, team buildings
— Business trips to client`s site after COVID restrictions
— Good working environment
— Great team spirit

In this role, you will contribute to the project by:

— Owning all technical decisions around this tool
— Understanding feature implementation impact
— Suggesting development priorities to business stakeholders
— Managing the development process, team, and backlog (scrum master)
— Defining and setting deadlines around feature development
— Reporting project status to business stakeholders

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