Talent Sourcer/ Recruiter

14 мая 2019    22

This job is suitable for someone who:

— Has at least 1+ year of sourcing or recruiting experience
— Strong command of written and spoken English
— Enjoys working remotely in a small, flexible and fast moving team

Who we are looking for:

We are hiring for smart and driven sourcers on both a junior and mid level, to work with our team on a remote basis. You will have the option to join us on 30hr/ week or 40hr/ week (full-time).

We are quite different to traditional recruitment agencies.

We offer a fixed fee approach to startups looking to build teams whilst at high growth, where a dedicated Talent Manager works with our clients on-site, setting their talent function for success as well owning hires across Sales, Marketing, Engineering amongst other areas.

We also have a talent matching platform (www.kandidate.com)with 13,000+ candidates signed-up. This platform lets clients directly find candidates they want, in a faster and lower cost way than traditional agencies, with the help of our sourcing team and Talent Managers.

Here’s what our sourcing team does on a day-to-day basis:

— Work directly with our friendly Talent Manager team in London, who help some of the UK’s most exciting startups hire
— Source candidates using our internal platform of 13k+ signed-up candidates, but also other tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter and posting on job boards to source candidates
— Supporting the engagement approach with highly qualified candidates as well as sourcing techniques to identify talent across other channels (Github, StackOverflow, Recruitem, Meetups)
— Building a strong understanding of profiles across multiple disciplines (Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Product)
— Be continuously trained on the latest sourcing technologies

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