Support Specialist/Resource Coordinator

27 апреля 2021    42

This position is opened in our Talent Acquisition Department. is a marketplace of freelance developers. We have a database of vetted developers and a constant flow of clients from our Sales team.
Your task will be to allocate suitable candidates from our database to work on new clients’ projects.
This requires intensive coordination with different parties (developers, partner agencies, Sales team), negotiation skills, attention to detail, and strong English knowledge.

How does it work?

Freelance Developers and small teams of developers (whom we call Partners) join our network after passing several vetting stages.
Your main task as a Resource Coordinator will be to match a developer from our network with the most suitable project, taking into account the developer’s tech stack, availability, and previous experience. The projects’ description will be provided by our Sales team who communicates with customers directly.
You will need to offer projects to developers or Partners directly in a messaging tool, answer possible questions and send an appropriate candidate to the Sales team as fast as possible.
Usually, you will need to look for 2 or 3 developers simultaneously, so you should be great at multitasking.

You can be good at this job if you:
— Have a basic understanding of software development process, curious to learn more about startups and IT technologies
— Are easy to get along with people, enjoy effective and up to the point communication
— Fast learner, well organized and self-manageable
— You must be good at multitasking
— Speak fluent English and Ukrainian

— Flex, AIESEC or any other similar experience
— Experience in IT recruitment or technical support

— Competitive salary in USD.
— Remote work.
— Flexible working hours.
— 28 working days vacation a year.
— Annual bonuses to spend on sport and education.
— Monthly bonus to help maintain your home office.
— Startup culture with open communication.
— You will be one of 20 employees who can directly influence the future of the company.

— Process client’s recruitment requests and source the network to find candidates who most accurately match the description
— Negotiate with candidates and partner agencies
— Fill in the candidates’ profiles for customers
— Conduct candidates’ spoken English checks
— Ocсasionally, help with attraction and screening developers/agencies that have not joined the network yet

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