Support Engineer

14 февраля 2021    38

We’re a strong engineering team that is building a platform to enable retailers to compete in a world being threatened by the disruptive e- commerce businesses. With millions of users and thousands of businesses on the platform, we’ve found strong product-market fit and are growing rapidly. We’re building out massively scalable backend systems and APIs, beautifully designed user experiences, and highly intelligent marketing tools. We take pride in our platform and recognize the value of paying down tech debt, investing in the future, and truly making our codebases enjoyable to operate in.

Some technology we use:

  • Frontend: React, React Native, Redux, Typescript
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Golang, gRPC
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Fargate, Terraform, Docker, Fastlane
  • Data: FiveTran, Snowflake, dbt, Looker
  • Development: CircleCI, Github, Datadog, Sentry

We are looking for a smart support engineer to join our team to help us scale our technical platform operations. As an ideal candidate, you enjoy coordinating technical systems, solving customer problems, automating processes, interacting with other departments and writing high-quality code.

As a Support Engineer, you will:

  • Manage Thanx platform technical operations necessary to support our customers — including supporting our white-label mobile apps and digital ordering integrations.
  • Work with externally-focused team members to triage and resolve customer issues.
  • Collaborate on technical documentation to support internal teams and customers.
  • Work alongside Product Managers to influence the product roadmap.
  • Create and maintain systems to automate and validate the reliability and scalability of customer launches. Learn from and collaborate with a talented engineering team.
  • Learn new frameworks, languages, and tools.

Note: The position is remote through May 2021 with the possibility to transition to an office if employee density in your location allows.

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