Subscriber Insights Associate Director

4 января 2021    30
Subscriber Insights Associate Director - Work wherever you do it better

We’re seeking a Subscriber Insights Associate Director to help make House of Kaizen a better place to work and a place that works better. Specifically someone who will design and manage the processes that uncover insights to inspire testing hypotheses and produce performance analysis that inform optimizations to grow our clients’ subscription, membership and loyalty products.  This is a new role within House of Kaizen that will help us better understand what our client’s subscribers are thinking, doing, feeling across their entire journey past, present, future.

Subscription businesses require subscriber-specific marketing expertise to acquire and retain customers for sustainable growth. As a dedicated subscriber growth firm, House of Kaizen develops and executes subscriber experience optimization programs that drive growth for some of the world’s best subscription brands. Critical to this process is the full-journey understanding of subscriber attitudes and behaviors, matched to business and marketing performance metrics that allow our teams to make better decisions and sustain growth over time.

We're a nimble team of around 15 people headquartered in New York City but the best talent comes from many places, and much of our team works remote with some travel. Our Subscriber Insights Associate Director  can live anywhere in the United States and will report to a Founding Partner based in the New York City area.

  • Subscription-specific customer and business expertise
    • Subscription product growth is not the same as ecommerce, the differences need to be highlighted and leveraged in everything we produce and deliver
  • Team Builder, Manager & Trainer
    • Active contribution towards making HoK a better place to work
    • We work with a variety in in-house, outsourced, and in-client people and technologies which require you to be a centralizing team collaborator. Someone who can pull together the right resources for the job and manage those moving parts and people to achieve successful and fulfilling outcomes.
    • Building our team’s capability through training and development of skills & processes. Providing the same as a service to clients who hire us for training client-side teams.
    • Capability/Product/Service Owner & Developer
      • Active contribution towards making HoK a place that works better.
      • Our capabilities in customer research and data analysis are well-worn but always open to ongoing optimization and innovation. These include:
        • Research & data strategy, goal & measurement alignment
        • Performance and economic modeling with recurring revenue models
        • Customer research methods and deployment - attitudinal and behavioral 
        • Multi-source Data tech stack configuration, integration & deployment
        • Digital marketing performance data processing, QA & validation
        • Data interpretation, visualization & storytelling for decision-making
    • Thought Leader 
      • Our subscriber experience optimization point-of-view is unique thanks to the forward-thinking of our team. We require thoughtful opinions with solid justification to continually challenge and improve our approaches and thus, our value to clients
    • Client-Facing
      • Clients seek our expertise directly, requiring each subject matter expert to communicate with the appropriate balance of technical detail, business acumen and layman’s simplicity depending upon the audience at any given time. We value being credible and persuasive experts.
  • Several years experience in subscription products, customer research and data analytics
  • Prior remote working experience
  • Experience with various survey methods, design and deployment tools, digital customer behavior analysis, digital marketing performance analysis and data privacy, for example: 
    • Traffic analysis, heat mapping, session recording, eye tracking, In-situ observation
    • Surveys, passive feedback, social media listening, interviews, focus groups
    • Data processing and automation applications
    • Data visualization applications
  • Great communication skills - we’re a distributed team, so frequent and clear written communication is a must. Excellent phone, video-conference and in-person client interaction. Friendly, supportive and not afraid to strike up conversations with people.
  • Ability to travel - Amount and location depend on meetings, event schedule and all team gatherings but we estimate 20 - 30 days of travel per year, typically by plane. All subject to COVID-19 variables.

  • Nationally recognized corporate culture based upon responsibility, autonomy and flexibility
  • Excellent benefits options, healthcare, 401k plan with match after 3 months of employment.
  • Flexibility of working wherever and whenever you do your best work - in-office, from home or elsewhere.
  • Generous paid time off, 3 weeks your first year and up to 6 weeks per year based on tenure. 9 or more additional paid holidays per year.
  • Salary commensurate with experience - please provide your requirements

How to Apply - Please Read Carefully

Please submit a cover letter expressing your interest in this role. Within it, we’d like to know your thoughts about the unique nature of this role combining customer research and performance data analysis. In addition to a cover letter, please share at least one example of your work providing this combined insight and the subsequent optimizations. Tell us about the strategy for each and how it supported the business goals? Please include any links, images and documents to best demonstrate your work.

Applications without cover letters will not be considered.

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