Strong Junior PHP Developer

31 мая 2019    74

📣 Looking for a Strong Junior PHP Developer to become a valuable member of a GetCode team.

💪 Our expectations:
* Using Laravel Framework in a commercial projects at least 1 year
* Problem solving mindset
* 3rd API integration experience
* A sincere willingness to gain a Middle badge in a year

👍 Something you should have by default:
* The culture of using Git
* An experience of writing a MySQL requests
* English that allows you to understand StackOverflow and this Job posting
* HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery/HTTP basics

* Experience in unit-testing
* Any experience using Queues

💻 Technologies we are using

* Laravel Framework
* Amazon AWS — EC2, RDS, S3
* Cartalyst Platform — Sentinel, Sentry, Datagrid
* Patterns — Service, Repository, Factory, Facade
* 3rd Party — Twilio, Stripe, Google Maps, Mailgun
* Laravel Dusk, Behat
* Git, JIRA, Trello

😎 Core principles
1. We solve problems
2. We take responsibility
3. We respect product and team members

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