Sr. Software Engineer in Machine Learning (Python)

15 января 2020    44

Rakuten Intelligence is looking for a Software Engineer to join our Machine Learning team.

The ideal candidate has strong software design and programming experience, familiarity with machine learning, and Big Data technologies, and strong communication skills. You will be part of a diverse, flexible, and collaborative environment where you will be able to apply and develop your skills and knowledge working with unique data and exciting applications. As a Senior Software Developer you will be productionizing machine learning solutions and making sure they work at scale. You will work with world-class data scientists who hold MS/PhD degrees from top global schools such as Stanford University, University of Washington, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, and National Taiwan University, and veterans from companies such as Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo!, and Twitter.

BSc in Computer Science or a related field
5+ years of experience in the design and development of software with a minimum of 3 years experience in Python development building large-scale applications
Expertise in developing microservice architectures and RESTful services
Experience with distributed systems and big data architectures, including SQL and NoSQL databases (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis), and ETL processes and tools
Experience with CICD and automated build/deploy pipelines
Strong CS fundamentals, such as algorithms and data structures
Interest in and familiarity with Machine Learning and Python’s data analysis libraries (e.g., numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib) preferred
Experience with cloud computing stacks such as Amazon Web Services preferred
Experience with Java preferred
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Enthusiasm for working hard and having fun in a dynamic environment

Productionize Machine Learning solutions
Conduct / participate in design and code reviews, identify potential problems and performance issues, evaluate code compliance with standards and best practices, provide feedback and corrections
Analyze complex functions, procedures, and problems to deliver creative, logical, and effective solutions that meet the specified requirements
Make sure the machine learning engines scale well on high volumes of data
Coach teammates on delivering high-quality software using modern software development practices (TDD, Pair programming, CICD)

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