Sr. Backend Software Developer

22 ноября 2020    32

*This is a 100% remote job, however we ask that candidates are located within Canada.

Marketcircle is looking for some Sr. Backend Software Developers. Join as a key member of our team responsible for building and supporting the services and infrastructure for the Daylite CRM Platform. 

  Qualified candidates:

  •  Have 8+ years of experience
  •  Hold a B.Sc Computer Science or B.Eng Software, or equivalent work experience.
  • Experienced using Postgres, Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), Kubernetes, nginx, Redis, Kafka, HashiCorp Suite, Graylog, Sinatra, Prometheus, istio, grafana, CalDAV & CardDav, AWS, and Elasticsearch Are comfortable working remotely (100% remote work environment) as well as being comfortable working both independently and collaboratively.
  •  Reside within Canada

Bonus points for:

  •  Experience with infrastructure management tools (like Puppet, Ansible or Chef)
  •  Experience with cloud infrastructure providers (like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or DigitalOcean)
  •  Knowing your way around the network stack, from HTTP to TCP to IP and have a solid understanding of security (TLS/ IPSec/Firewalls)

Things you might be working on:

  • RESTful interfaces to persist data for our client apps
  •  Authentication and payment backends
  •  PostgreSQL database(s) with custom extensions
  •   Elasticsearch indexing and search Note: there will be occasional on-call duties.

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