Software Product Support (fluent english)

23 февраля 2019    36

Employer: Canadian company, remote work, work from home.

Full time: Full working day, 5 days per week, 8 hours per day.

Experience: 3+ years as a software product support.

Requirements: Fluent written English. Customer oriented and responsible attitude. Analytical & research skills. Reliable Internet.

Personal Qualities
Willing to Learn and Grow, Team Working, Active Position, “Always Better” Mindset. Always be in a position of willing to learn and improve your professional skills. Being cooperative when working with other team members. Offering ideas to improve the product and the working process. Ability to communicate and discuss in a professional manner.

Self-Organization Skills. Ability to organize your work. Ability to work without constant supervision. Delivering results in a timely manner.

Analytical, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills required. Product support specialist has to be in charge of both product aspects: business and technical, working closely with the customer and sales, development teams, investigating problems, offering problem resolutions and recommendations on making the software better.

Attention to details.

Probation and training: 4 weeks, paid
Professional working enviroment
Paid vacation and sick days, Ukrainian holidays
Stable company, 20+ years on the market
Competitive compensation in USD
Professional growth

Communicating with customers via email.Excellent written English. Writing emails in alignment with Ethical and Structural requirements. Always willing to grow, making emails quality improve.

Providing Technical Support to Software Users. Assisting customers in troubleshooting problems, diagnose issues with software installation and application, identifying sources of the problem and offer solutions. Creating tickets, prioritizing resolution of issues. Working in close contact with the development team. Customers are to be assisted via email and/or remote sessions.

Assisting with Software Design and Development. While working with the customers, keep the managers and the development team informed about demanded features. Offer new features or updates/changes based on the communication with the customers.

Creating Technical Documents and Manuals, Test Cases. Documenting software features, creating and updating software manuals, FAQs, creating software training materials. Creating recommendations for the future software development based on the technical issues and customers complains/feedbacks. Creating test cases to ensure stability of new builds.

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