Software Engineer (Typescript/Node.js/VueJS)

1 августа 2019    52

At least 2 years of experience developing client applications- VueJS is an advantage

At least 2 years of experience with Typescript development

Advanced understanding of Typescript and JavaScript

Expertise in current computer hardware and software

Ability to use one or more development language

Basic (better solid) understanding of Blockchain Environment and integration with other software

Previous Experience building working programs

Attention to detail and strong problem solving skills

Good time management skills

Ability to analyse user needs and Build business software

Bachelor’s degree or higher in software engineering, computer science (or equivalent)

Values Team success over personal success

Strong knowledge of current web technologies and have the ability and confidence to analyze situations and make impactful decisions.

Development of NEM/Catapult Blockchain client applications in line with technical specifications

Provide recommendations for product orientation, technology selection and solution design

Focus on client applications features and blockchain integration

Installation, testing and maintenance of software systems

Facilitates root cause analysis of systems issues and provides fixes

Building effective, collaborative working relationships with Product Leaders, Product Management, Marketing, and Development Teams to deliver best in class solutions

Working on Projects of a variety of size and scope according to the needs of the organisation

Reporting to Senior backend Software Engineer on weekly bases

Raising any issues directly with Senior backend Software Engineer as they arise

Working with technical writers and trainers

Working with the development team and other technical analysts, designers and team members

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