Software Engineer (QA/Dev)

9 февраля 2019    34

Modern fast growing agile team is looking for a cross-functional engineer with a solid experience in Testing and Automation to help the team to automate the client’s business processes by building a product based on Pega Platform with high standards of Quality achieved by fully automated Testing and Continuous Delivery pipeline, using modern best practices in DevOps, Test Automation and Exploratory Testing.

— Challenge, explore and build together with the Team and Product Owner stories’ acceptance criteria in alignment with customer business needs
— Write automated tests in TypeScript + Selenium to fulfill acceptance criteria
— Implement stories as a normal Pega developer
— Extend automation framework with new reusable components (application test model), based on PageObject/ElementObjects pattern.
— Support the infrastructure to run tests, based on GGR and Selenoid instances
— Configure and maintain Jenkins jobs
— Coach other developers to write Tests, support them in their testing activities, and push them above their limits ;)
— Supervise testing strategy on the project, and make it visible and transparent to the client by a needed minimum amount of documentation (plans and reports).

Requirements: confident skills in tools, approaches, and technologies needed to hold the role and responsibilities, described above, with the following exceptions:
— Any language instead of TypeScript will be Ok to join. We will teach you TypeScript along the way.
— Knowing Pega is desired but not mandatory. Once joined you will have to learn Pega and pass corresponding certifications, that will be paid by the company.

If you feel that you do not match, but you are very motivated and is a fast learner, try to impress us;) Turn on your imagination regarding “how?”;)

About the company:
— We are a company of professionals who believe in Agile, XP and DevOps practices, smartly and adaptively follow them to bring our customers to success.
— We work mainly remotely, organizing our internal company processes with the minimum of bureaucracy.

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