Software Engineer Jedi

30 сентября 2021    30

“A Chosen One shall come, of meaningless tasks and legacy code burned, and ultimate balance in the Tagion Force be restored, through him will.”
Galactic Tagion Republic is looking for a skillful Jedi with 3+ years of combat experience using C#, D, Rust, Erlang or similar.

We live and work by the Jedi Code, which encourages mutual trust and respect. We never cut corners in training our Jedi, as this is the only way to triumph in the battle with Dark Side corporations.

Five Truths:
— There are no deadlines; there are results.
— There is no 9 to 5; there is a flexible schedule.
— There is no hierarchy; there is a flat structure.
— There are no cookies; there are fruits.
— There is no Bitcoin; there is only Tagion.

Contribute high-quality code to Tagion Core:

— Virtual machine based on WebAssembly;
— P2P communication protocols;
— Consensus algorithm;
— Database sharding mechanism.

You’re fulfilling your destiny, warrior. Become our Core Engineer. Master the D language and save humanity.
Do... Or do not. There is no try.

The Tagion Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an open, non-political monetary system owned by people. It protects us and exempts banking fees from us; it binds the galaxy together on a mission to create a better future.

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