Software Engineer

15 марта 2019    34


Bridge Robotics helps manufacturing companies automate and manage operations on the shop floor with mobile and collaborative robots.

We provide software solutions to help manage fleets of robots'​ operations, by integrating them into manufacturing and intralogistics processes and monitoring their performance in real-time.

We are not your typical B2B tech company.
We are taking a modern, state-of-the-art approach to software development and applying it to building applications to orchestrate and manage operations of our customers' entire fleets of robots.
How cool is that?!

Bridge Robotics' mission is to bridge the big gap between manufacturing and intralogistics companies' real needs in the 21st century and what traditional automation providers are offering to those industries.

We are a young startup based in Birmingham, UK, and we are building our Engineering Team in Lisbon.

We are looking for a full-stack developer, for our Engineering Team, who can learn and grow up to a Software Architect in the future. What we expect from you:
  • Take ownership of the existing software
  •  Take ownership of the development, testing and deployment process
  •  Work together with other teams to design new solutions
  •  Build, improve and document new and existing solutions 
  •  Help grow and coach the Engineering Team

Main requirements

  • Perpetual and fast learner: we take knowledge and learning skills very seriously
  • Deals well with the organized chaos of a high-tech startup environment
  • Understands business requirements with an eye for user experience
  • Understands the best tools that best serve the projects’ requirements
  • Effective communicator and very good team player
  • Very good at time management

Nice to have

  • Previous experience (even academic) in Robotics
  • Previous experience (even academic) in Artificial Intelligence


  • Flexible work hours
  • Partially remote work
  • Possibility to visit customers abroad (mostly in the UK)

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