Software Engineer

25 февраля 2019    66
As an engineer on our team, you’ll be working on our healthcare intelligence platform. Experience in the healthcare domain is helpful, but not necessary. We’re looking for a well-rounded engineer comfortable in fast-paced environments. Some work experience is helpful, but we are definitely interested in talking to recent grads as well.

Our current stack includes an Angular application with a Java / Postgres / Linux backend, Spring Boot based web APIs, and a set of backend services written in Python.

Our infrastructure is automated with Ansible / GoCD and provisioned in AWS. This position collaborates with the development team, QA, Security, collaborative groups/clients and other cross-functional teams to define, provide for, and test deliverables.
An ideal candidate has experience developing and supporting one or more of the following:

  • Web APIs in Groovy (prior experience with Spring Boot and Drools is helpful)
  • Data ops / backend workflows in Python (prior experience with Luigi is helpful)
  • Web applications with a complex, data-rich domain (prior experience with Grails / Spring Boot and Angular is helpful)
  • Automated provisioning / deployment pipelines and other devOps tooling (prior experience with Ansible / GoCD is helpful)
  • Most importantly, we want someone who values good engineering practices like continuous integration/deployment, automated testing, thorough test coverage, and so on.

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