Software Engineer

21 ноября 2018    36


If you're looking for an established company that lives the startup culture, keep reading!

At KI labs we are looking for software engineers with a keen eye for strategy to join our rapidly growing teams in the lovely city of Lisbon. Here, you will design and build solutions and start ups at scale together with people coming from the biggest start up names and companies in Europe.

We are a team of very talented individuals building state of the art solutions for the major brands in Europe. Our mission is to bring the lean start up culture to big corporations disrupting their status quo and stimulating innovation while working strategically with them.

The team consists of software engineers, designers, product managers and data scientists, with experience in scaling some of the major product start up companies in Europe, driven by the passion and challenge of bringing the benefits of agile practices and new technologies to the corporate world.

Technologies we use

We believe a good engineer is someone who can quickly pick up any technology, and more importantly, knows the right tool for the job, but if you're really curious here are some technologies we are experienced at

  • Server side - Python, Golang, PHP
  • Front end - Javascript (of course), working with React, Angular and EmberJS
  • Mobile - ReactNative, Swift, Java, Kotlin
  • DevOps - Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes

Your day to day

  • Write maintainable and clean code
  • Contribute in code reviews
  • Identify and provide solutions for existing technical issues
  • Work inside a squad to build products, either to our clients or to our own ventures

If this is something that triggers your interest, we're waiting for your application!

Main requirements

  • You are a fast learner, with a degree in software engineering or proven experience
  • You are proficient in one or more common languages, i.e.: Python, Golang, PHP, Javascript
  • You own your tasks and are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment within small and talented teams
  • Capable of writing and speaking english
  • Ability to work outside your comfort zone and still get things done

Nice to have

  • Experience working in a fast paced start up environment
  • Public speaking and blog writing interest to spread our culture and skills
  • Experience working in different CI/CD pipelines
  • Different cloud providers services awareness


  • Impact! You will have an opportunity to be at the frontline of innovation together with our prominent clients, influencing the car you drive in five years, the services you have on your flight, and the way you pay for your morning coffee
  • You get a challenging international working environment located in the center of Munich and Lisbon with an ambitious team of individuals with unique backgrounds and expertise
  • The chance to work on various interesting projects in the correct time frames
  • We have an open door work culture where ideas and initiatives are encouraged
  • We offer a performance-based competitive salary
  • You'll be part of the first engineers joining the Lisbon office contributing for our internal processes since the beginning
  • Yearly training
  • Remote friendly policy
  • Two way constant feedback for your professional growth

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