Software Architect/Principal Engineer

19 июля 2021    22

● 7+ years of experience in software development primarily with Java stack, Spring
● 3+ years of experience in designing software architecture for the multi-component environment
● Experience in building distributed systems: microservices, event-driven architectures in cloud
● Experience with mainstream data storage, replication, caching, and search technologies, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Amazon RDS, GCP CloudSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Lucene/Solr
● Experience with containers and orchestration platforms, including Kubernetes and Docker
● Comprehensive understanding of key technologies and their major pros/cons for resolving modern engineering problems
● Be open-minded and capable to learn from the decision history as well as providing solutions which lead to desired future state w/o fears from the past
● Excellent communication skills, written and verbal. You can explain your idea to any engineer and manager and perceive valuable feedback

● Experience building systems requiring extensive ETL, data lakes/platforms, and data sourcing
● Experience with Google Cloud managed services (ideally having GCP certification)
● Has successfully built and executed complex project with microservice architecture

● A competitive reward for your skills, experience, input, and results
● Abilities to visit conferences, master classes, pass certifications
● English classes and an opportunity to learn from a native speaker
● Full compensation package
● Regular team events and activities

● Provide & translate software architecture vision, principles, and technology standards across the business direction or product area, working closely with engineeringing teams and product management to evaluate options and design a great solutions for the customers with an acceptable cost
● Devise technology and architecture solutions that propel engineering excellence across the organization, simplify otherwise complex problems, and address the “-ilities” (portability, usability, maintainability, scalability, recoverability, availability, extensibility, and security)
● Propose pragmatic, organized, and balanced technical decisions in areas such as build vs. buy, now vs. later, and refactor vs. rebuild
● Coach engineering teams, grow their level constantly and enable them making high-quality autonomous decision in the software design
● Manage tech debt for your responsibility zone, constantly reducing it and trying to minimize it during creation of new solutions
● Prototype experimental/researching solutions and drive innovations and prove the technology direction
● Build robust system diagrams, develop a detailed understanding of key aspects current software state, and provide a clear vision of proposed solutions or alternatives
● Describe technical context in intuitive ways for different audiences, adapting communication from highly technical deep dives with engineers to non-technical dialogue with senior stakeholders.
● Learn constantly, including in available cloud managed services (PaaS/SaaS/IaaS), libraries, frameworks and platforms (commercial and open source)
● Provides and oversees high-level estimates for scoping non-trivial features

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