Senior/Intermediate Front-End Developer

30 сентября 2020    50

Beck & Stone is a boutique brand consultancy that majors in creative services for clients in publishing, higher education, and the arts. We connect brands and institutions to American culture.

Driven by design, we pride ourselves in measuring our success by our clients' accomplishments.

About the Role

Beck & Stone is searching for a senior/intermediate front-end developer to join our team. As a senior/intermediate developer, you are passionate about building interactive experiences, and pride yourself in developing beautiful designs. With an aptitude to solving problems, working on solutions with designers, and being proud of finished, polished projects are must-haves. We're looking for someone who likes to be organized, productive and doesn't say "no" outright. Working well with others and collaborating with our back-end developer is a must. Please enjoy animation and optimizing for speed, compatibility, and beauty.


  1. JS
  2. CSS
  4. HTML5
  5. Twig/Blade
  6. Git

Bonus Requirements:

  1. VueJS
  2. PHP (basic understanding)
  3. Laravel (basic understanding)
  4. WordPress (basic understanding)
  5. Figma (experience navigating the app)

Bonus Bonus Requirements:

  1. NodeJS (local development)
  2. Webpack (local development)
  3. Vagrant / Homestead (local development)
  4. Asana (some experience)

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