Senior VueJS FE Developer

7 января 2021    32

We are looking for a talented and passionate Senior Frontend Developer to help us build our Framework. You love building, designing an efficient, and reliable product. You have a strong aesthetic in UX/UI, and Technical challenges are a walk in the park for you. Extensive skills in modern JavaScript are a must at Cycloid.

As a Senior Frontend Developer at Cycloid you will be making a difference to the Framework every day by: 

  • Driving discovery and strategic initiatives for future product enhancements
  • Building new features and help us make our current codebase more robust and maintainable.
  • Delivering high-quality code that impacts the Framework 
  • Participating to Technical conception and implementation of front-end product features
  • Contributing to Maintaining  existing product components
  • Applying and promoting good development practices among the team and participating in front-end code reviews to provide qualified feedback to other team members
  • Building the UI/UX design of our frontend based on VueJS Framework
  • Testing your own code: we believe you are the best person to do it!
  • Organizing your workload and be a self-starter
  • Working alongside the Backend to implement new features 
  • Sharing your ideas and knowledge with others and be listened to, on every topic regarding the company, not only code

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