Senior Unity3D Developer

5 февраля 2020    40

— Fluent in written and spoken English
— 3+ years of Unity based mobile game development
— team player, team experience developers only 5+
— Track record writing scalable, easily maintainable and self documenting code
— Insight into dependencies management, understanding the principles of native Android/iOS development — (Android manifest, associations between jar files, Gradle, CocoaPods, legacy Objective-C code ... etc.)
— Experience spec’ing, building and maintaining tools and plugins
— Experience integrate, maintain, or create SDKs enabling new features and functionality
— Experience with PR review / Gitflow process using GitHub or equivalent
— Ability to use performance tools and identify bottleneck. Have a clear idea about memory/resources management on Mobile devices.
— Proficiency with Jira
— Strong understanding of the Agile ceremonies and participants responsibilities, such as stand-ups, grooming, sprint cadence, retrospectives, etc

— Expertise in Unity UI System (examples: horizontal/vertical layout group, content size fitter etc), understanding of the differences between world space and screen space and their constraints.
— Attention to details, specifically visual polishing. Desire to make product pixel-perfect. Able to make reusable and dynamically with/height adjustable UI elements with nested prefabs.
— Good understanding of Unity Particle System
— Understand when to use technical animation (Tween) v.s. Unity Mecanim animations.
— Experience in upgrading Unity versions in a large code base.

— 18 vacation days;
— Payed sick leaves;
— Corporate English lessons;
— Ability to rotate between offices (Kyiv, Kharkiv);
— Ability to work remotely from time to time.

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