Senior Unity Developer

26 июня 2020    18

3+ years of Unity based mobile game development
Team player, team experience developers only 3+
Track record writing scalable, easily maintainable and self documenting code
Experience spec’ing, building and maintaining tools and plugins
Experience integrate, maintain, or create SDKs enabling new features and functionality
Expertise in A/B testing and analytics
Experience with GPU and CPU optimization
Experience in optimization art part, understanding rendering pipeline
Experience of dealing with lots of assets
Experience with legacy code
Experience with PR review / Gitflow process using GitHub or equivalent
Ability to use performance tools and identify bottlenecks. Have a clear idea about memory/resources management on Mobile devices.
Proficiency with Jira
Strong understanding of the Agile ceremonies and participants responsibilities, such as stand-ups, grooming, sprint cadence, retrospectives, etc

Fluent in written and spoken English
Good understanding of Unity Particle System
Understand when to use technical animation (Tween) v.s. Unity Mecanim animations.
Experience in upgrading Unity versions in a large code base.

18 vacation days;
Payed sick leaves;
Corporate English lessons;
Ability to rotate between offices (Kyiv, Kharkiv);
Ability to work remotely.

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