Senior UI/Systems Designer

18 апреля 2021    38
Speechify is the easiest way to listen to the world’s information. Articles on the web, documents in the cloud, books on your phone—we absorb the world’s content and help our members listen to it on the go, at their own speed, with tools that make learning easier, deeper, and faster.

Or, put another way: what Spotify has done for audio entertainment we’re doing for audio information. And whatever we’re doing seems to be working: we’re #1 in our category, profitable, and have hockey-stick growth.

The Speechify design team is small but scaling fast. We have three product designers, an art director, a copywriter, a deeply opinionated iOS dev, and some Chrome FE’s with great instincts. But we need a senior UI designer to help us recompile our systems. Someone to take charge of cleaning up 18 months of UI sins and create simple, elegant components that we can use across our iOS, Chrome, and (soon) Android apps. A typographic obsessive. A color savant. An 8pt-nudge preset in Figma.

This is a key role and ideal for someone who’s either worked at a startup and built a design system from scratch, or someone parachuting out of a big company that wants to get deeply involved in UI handiwork again.

Some of the things you’ll do:
  • Refine our UI across iOS, Chrome, desktop, and Android
  • Work with product designers, engineers, and PMs to develop UI for new products
  • Raise the aesthetic bar, even as you work to make our UI disappear
  • Influence our process and help shape the design org

To succeed here, you’ll need:
  • Experience. You’ve built design systems and harmonized UI components across mobile, desktop, and the browser.
  • Craft. You excel at typography, color, hierarchy, composition, and information design. You have a keen sense of micro-interactions and what's feasible in iOS, Android, and Javascript. It's likely you know SwiftUI and can simulate animations and events.
  • Systems thinking. You work across platforms even as you solve for one platform. Your output is carefully constructed with Figma variants, components, and libraries.
  • Moxy. You’re curious, expressive, and know how to engage those around you to draw out insights and ideas to boost your product opinions.
  • Speed. You work quickly to generate ideas and options and know how to decide which things can ship now and what things need time.
  • Focus. We’re a high-growth startup with a busy, remote team. You know how and when to engage or be heads down.
  • Collaboration. You know how to inspire, play, and negotiate with opinionated product designers, engineers, and PMs.
  • Words. We’re not expecting Dave Eggers or David Foster Wallace, but you can write with clarity and conviction.
  • To live in a North American time zone. We’re a remote company with a global crew, but this role is designed to operate within ET-PT time zones.

We offer:
  • A fast-growing environment where you can help shape the culture
  • An entrepreneurial crew that supports risk, intuition, and hustle
  • A hands-off approach so you can focus and do your best work
  • The opportunity to make an impact in a transformative industry
  • A competitive salary, a collegiate atmosphere, and a commitment to building a great asynchronous culture

Think you’re suited for this job? Apply with a short intro about yourself, links to your portfolio and LinkedIn, and thoughts about why you’re interested in the role. 

Not looking but know someone ideal for the role? Refer them! We’ll send you (really good) chocolate if we make the hire.

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