Senior SQL Developer

8 августа 2019    40

We are looking for Senior SQL developer with extensive experience in working with large data under high load and experience in solving complex performance/scalability challenges.

In short-term he is going to work on improvements and optimizations for existing MS SQL solution on a machine learning project. In the long-term, he will need to work on transition this solution to AWS services and components.

Our requirements:
1. Significant expertise in MS SQL/T-SQL.
2. Comprehensive experience in design SQL databases in collaboration with application development teams, developing stored procedures, functions, views, and various DDL and DML scripts
3. Knowledge of performance optimization methods, database security, SQL Table Partitioning, etc.
4. Ability to develop SSRS reports, complex SQL queries
5. Knowledge of design patterns, transactions, HA principles and ways to design HA databases/applications
6. Experience in performing database administration and capacity planning
7. Understanding of modern security principles for designing applications i.e. knows possible ways to attack database and ways to protect from it. For example, knows what is SQL injection and how to prevent it?

Knowledge of:
1. Software development practices to write quality code and stable solutions.
2. OOP principles and design patterns.
3. How to work with version control (git) and bug tracking (Jira).
4. Scrum and Agile.

Eager about specifics of our position:
1. Able to work and communicate remotely
2. Work in PST hours
3. Like to solve non-standard tasks
4. Broad thinking and interest to both business and technical problems

Good to have:
1. Experience in using No SQL database with MS SQL databases for different purposes when necessary
2. Experience in AWS RDS, AWS services and components.
3. Knowledge C# on a base/Junior level, able to read the code
4. Knowledge of Entity Framework concepts, LINQ and other ways to write DB queries in C#

1.Database support.
2. Monitoring, tuning MS SQL databases.
3. Analyzing existing SQL queries for performance improvements.
4. Creating complex functions, scripts, stored procedures, new queries, database schemes.
5. Developing databases logic and structure, optimizing them.
6. Taking part in developing new products architecture.
7. Some DBA responsibilities such as server monitoring, tuning back-ups, etc.

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