Senior Software Engineer Python / Java / C++

25 сентября 2018    28

On behalf of the American geophysics software company, Merlin Trends is looking for Senior Developer for the full-time position.

Here are the qualities we’re looking for:

Integrity: We need someone who understands that the software that is developed will have an impact on the lives of tens of millions of people living within areas potentially vulnerable to tsunamis.
Fast learner: the ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate an aptitude for getting up to speed quickly with technologies and methods that they may currently be unfamiliar with.
Analytical: The best candidate will have a solid background in mathematics and/or physics, and be able to demonstrate an ability to comprehend problems before attempting to implement a solution via code.
Team player: We are looking for an individual with an ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with members of their team.
Versatility: We promise that the candidate will be exposed to a wide range of technologies and ideas, we need someone who can adapt to changing requirements and the needs of the client.

Here are the skills we’re looking for:

— Experience (5+ years) developing in one of the following languages: Python or Java or C/C++.
— Comprehension and experience with fundamental principles of object oriented design.
— Experience in developing for the Unix/Linux environment.
— Knowledge of web-technologies.
— Mastery of relational databases, familiarity with Oracle is a plus.
— An ability to communicate effectively and generate descriptive and useful documentation.
— A solid grasp on the fundamentals of algorithms used in numerical analysis.
— Upper Intermediate level of spoken and written English.

— Bachelor or upper-level undergraduate math/physics coursework.
— Experience with an agile development methodology.
— Experience with developing software for signals processing.
— An understanding of the nature of seismic wave propagation and source dynamics.
— Experience of scientific activity and/or teaching physics and mathematics will be an advantage.

Salary $4000+
Flexible working day start & stop times
Remote work

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