Senior Software Developer

28 декабря 2018    68

—B.S. degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
—4+ years of experience as professional software engineer.
—Strong software development fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, etc.).
—Expert level familiarity with modern Javascript (ES6+: Classes, modules, arrow functions, async/await, destructuring, etc.).
—Intimate knowledge of JS ecosystem (tooling, libraries, etc.).
—Expert level familiarity with React (web frontend, server-side rendering, and React Native on mobile platforms).
—Knowledge of good practices, preferred design patterns, and writing idiomatic Javascript code.
—Deep understanding of performance implications and scalability of code.
—Keenness for writing good, meaningful tests and maintaining thorough test coverage.
—Experience with large, complex code bases and know how to maintain them.
—Proficiency in English.
—Please send your English resume to

—Experience with GraphQL and Apollo a big plus.

—Lead design and development of projects, either independently or in a team.
—Assist with recruitment, interviewing, and hiring new team members.
—Provide mentorship to junior team members and participate in design decisions.
—Be the gatekeeper of the codebase and ensure that it stays stable, readable, and free of technical debt.

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