Senior Site Reliability Engineer

20 ноября 2018    46
Infrastructure engineers are agents of cohesion, in which many teams rely upon your foresight and expertise in order for the bigger picture to come together. The position is best for curious, generalist programmers who are deeply familiar with web application infrastructure and love to apply software engineering principles to make their and everyone else’s lives easier.

The tools Infrastructure uses are at the forefront of industry practices and community-driven technology.  We dabble in container orchestration and spend our mornings thinking about how to tame distributed applications. We’re passionate about scalability, reliability, and simplicity, but most of all we’re interested in the empowerment of the company as a whole.

Some major initiatives ahead include moving to Kubernetes, several internal applications/services to build, shifting to a microservices architecture, and smarter monitoring/alerting to enable the right teams to respond to the right incidents.

Here is our current tech stack:

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