Senior Scala Engineer

27 мая 2019    44

We are looking for Full-time senior Scala (or Java 8) developer, with e-commerce or B2B2C website experience with 5 years or more experience in total. We would prefer a full stack developer as we currently have 1.5 developers working on the current projects.

We are looking for someone who has experience working with big data but machine learning or building a recommendation engine would be preferred.

Our tech stack is:
— Scala mostly /Java8/Play (bc most of our projects are written in Scala and Play).
— Experience with AWS services (EC2, S3, SES, SQS. All of our servers are hosted on AWS).
— Experience with MongoDB and PostgreSql or SQL and worked with Bigdata- Experience with frontend development (HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax). We are heavily using SASS and KnockoutJS for frontend but it’s not a big deal to learn them if the developer is already familiar with CSS and JS
— Managing application servers and the LAMP stack (to be able to maintain our servers).
— Experience with testing and DevOps

The must skills are:

1) Scala, Java8
2) AWS
3) Database handling(Mongo and Postgresql)
4) 5 years or more experience
5) Dev Ops
7) Fluent in English
8) Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript, javascript framework i.e Angular, Node.js,

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