Senior Rust Engineer

10 февраля 2021    34

We are looking for a Senior Rust Engineer, who will help us build the next-generation decentralized exchange in the Substrate framework. The Substrate is the biggest Rust codebase, operating on the edge of Rust language innovation.

The decentralized exchange (DEX) is connected to Ethereum and other blockchains through bridge technologies. Overall software is a p2p, open-source, complex landscape of parts built in Rust, Typescript, Solidity, and Go. The result of the work is open-sourced.

You will collaborate closely with the CTO and other engineers. It's welcomed to be interested in other domains of the software, but not necessary. In this position, you will have the opportunity to design and build software that involves a wide variety of considerations including cryptography, security, networking, game theory, economics, finance, political science, and programming language design.

Expect a lot of freedom, fun, and responsibility. You will be working among professionals with a keen sense of software precision and having autonomy over your decisions. The tools used will be explored to their limits and you will have the opportunity to create novel architectural patterns.

With the growth of the company, we like people to grow in technical as well as general leadership.

Personality requirements and skills

We value curiosity: anyone with an expanding mindset is appreciated.
Technology agnosticism: strong opinions, weakly held.
Communication skills: ability to adjust message to a listener and ability to be a listener.

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