Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (Data Architecture)

2 сентября 2019    36


 We are looking to expand our passionate development team and want to add a skilled Ruby developer to manage our back end, develop our API, and work with the team to build out new functionality for our mobile and desktop app. We would love to work with someone who also has data architecture expertise and can work with us on ensuring new features -- or refactoring of current code-- is done in a sustainable way that is built for future growth. This is a full-time role.

As a senior member of our distributed development team, you will be expected to guide and work along the team with individual initiative and ownership of your own tasks as well as a high quality of work. This role might develop into a lead developer role; you will be reporting into the company’s executive team--we are a small team and communication flows freely to all levels of the company.

We are looking for critical thinkers who want to grow with the company and who will productively contribute to discussions around future features and integrations for the app as well as give recommendations for best practices based on previous experience.

We follow Agile methodology and Scrum procedures, operating on 2-week sprints, but as a small team we need each member to be flexible and roll with changes if they come up mid-sprint #startuplife.

Our team participates in daily standup calls on Slack as well as bi-weekly sprint planning and demo calls. While we are headquartered in New York City, we are looking to build out a team in Europe. Currently the tech team works as a remote team, regular and good communication is a must :). 

Main requirements

  •  5+ years Ruby experience developing backend for mobile applications
  • Solid software engineering skills in an agile environment
  • Experience with SQL (MySQL) databases
  • Familiar with our tech stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgresSQL, Swift, React, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS, Crashlytics, Rollbar, Pubnub, Twilio, ScoutApp, Kubernetes. As well as other tools we use including: Mixpanel, Jira, Slack
  • Must be someone who understands the importance of clear documentation
  • Constantly keeping up with the latest technology trends, and willing to embrace change
  • Must be available for daily standup calls (in the morning EST time zone), a bi-weekly demo call and a bi-weekly sprint planning call (Slack) as well as regular daily chat communication (Slack).
  • Ideally will be located in/near the EST or GMT time zone (current team spans eastern Americas to western Europe).
  • Fluent English speaker and a good communicator.

Nice to have

  •  Previous work in a startup company is a big plus
  • Experience working in a company that worked with schools / students is also a big plus as this is our core target market
  • Experience working remotely
  • We love to work with people who are IN our target audience - so having your own kids is a plus :) 

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