Senior Ruby Backend Developer (UK)

10 января 2019    22

* You know Ruby language inside out and backwards

* You have tons of production experience. It is not measured in years, but you need to have battle scars, be used to sense of responsibility for an [part of an] online service and develop a product having end-user in mind.

* You are able to contribue to large-scale architectural decisions in our codebase and have an experience of such contributions in the past.

* You have a solid skill of working remotely and have a good experience of working that way in the past.

* Ideally (not strictly required) you have an experience with asynchronous inter-service communication.

* Honest and transparent management

* Relocation to the UK if you choose to do so

* “Remote first” approach. If you choose to worl remotely, you are free to do so, our workflow is designed for a remote work.

* Enough technical challenges for experienced developers

* Pride of building a product which is used worldwide

You will be one of the key devs who design and outline the shape of the architecture and our workflows so that we could grow our product with an increasing pace despite the size of the codebase. Deterring the technical debt, shortening the feedback loop, re-designing huge chunks of the codebase to decouple them — all that will be your daily job.

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