Senior ROR Developer

18 мая 2020    24

You should have experience:
— Maintaining a production-level Ruby on Rails applications (2+ years)
— Leading the implementation of larger projects
— Writing semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
— Working with MySQL (and ideally Memcache and Redis as well)
— Writing clear, concise, and performant code
— Writing unit and integration tests
— Continuously deploying code

— Working productively on a small 100% remote team
— Reasoning about software, algorithms, and performance from a high level
— Writing SQL queries, beyond abstractions offered by Active Record
— Navigating and understanding a large codebase
— With technologies other than Ruby and Rails
— Writing tests using Rspec and Capybara
— With Javascript libraries including but not limited to: stimulus.js and vue.js
— Reading and writing TypeScript
— Maintaining infrastructure with Docker, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud
— Working in an agile and/or lean environment
— Shipping and maintaining open-source software

Remote full-time job in a strong team of senior developers.
1-hour time difference with a client.

— Continuously implementing and deploying small and iterative improvements to our social network
— Working with product designers to find a balance between the ideal solution and the most impactful iterative improvement
— Measuring the impact of changes against our measures of success
— Working with our security, infrastructure, and performance team to keep FetLife tight
— Communicating asynchronously with the team and the rest of the community
— Keeping our codebase easy to maintain and easy for others to contribute code to
— Monitoring your deployments for potential issues
— Fixing bugs

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