Senior React/NodeJS Developer for an awesome SaaS startup

10 апреля 2021    40
Do you want to continuously learn and be challenged in your job?
Are you tired of building one-off projects that never see the light of day?
Do you want to build a product that gets used by thousands of users daily?

Keyhole is one of the top companies in the world for Social Media Analytics (try a google search), and we're growing fast, with customers like Google, Amazon and Uber. Our data's also cited frequently by tier-1 news organizations like the Economist, WSJ and TIME. It's a great time to join!

It's why we've grown a lot, and are continuing to accelerate. That's where you come in. We're looking for a full-stack developer to help design, prototype, build, hack and break! :)

You also get the perks that big companies can't offer:
Awesome experience working for a fast-moving startup — we're top-3 on Google for what we offer
Exposure to other brilliant minds — we share office space with 20+ other startups, most under the age of 30
Take ownership of an entire project that you design and build from scratch to finish
Impact — We have a small team and you get to wear many hats.  Changes you make is rolled out immediately and seen by thousands of people daily

Required Skills:
Experience with modern JavaScript frameworks: React, Redux, Express.js, Node.js
Experience with front-end tooling: SASS, Gulp, Webpack, Babel
Database: MySQL, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, CoachroadDB, CouchDB
Experience in RESTful API development and working with third-party APIs
Knowledge of backend frameworks such as Express, Laravel/Django
Utilize responsive design and web development techniques to create an effective experience across multiple platforms
A passion to build things — you work on side projects because they're fun

Minimum 4 years work experience

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