Senior React.js Developer (remote)

26 июня 2019    32

✓ proven 3+ years’ commercial experience in building React web applications,
✓ a strong knowledge of React,
✓ knowledge of DRY and S.O.L.I.D. code principles,
✓ deep understanding of state management patterns and solutions (e.g. Redux/Mobx),
✓ knowledge of Javascript code testing (Enzyme, Jest, Karma, Mocha etc.),
✓ practice in using ES2015+,
✓ knowledge of HTML5 APIs and CSS3,
✓ familiarity with different styling solutions such as PostCSS, SASS, CSS Modules,
✓ experience with Responsive Web Design,
✓ real-world git experience,
✓ a good command of written and spoken English (CEFR B2+).

✓ knowledge of React Native,
✓ familiarity with tools such as Webpack/Babel/Eslint,
✓ knowledge of Single Page App architecture,
✓ knowledge of type systems: Flowtype, Typescript,
✓ some experience in Server-Side Rendering and code-splitting,
✓ Node.js.

✓ 100% remote work,
✓ Work with a team of experienced and ambitious developers,
✓ Long-term collaboration on challenging products (FinTech, B2B software, E-commerce and more),
✓ Dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review and bug bashes,
✓ Constant development of your hard and soft skills.

Take a look at this blog post to get to know why it is worth to join us :)

As a contract developer you will join our team of experienced developers and create products for our clients from all over the world.
✓ You will work in Agile environment as a member of a self-organizing team as a React developer and help the team achieve its goals,
✓ You will help the team to find solutions to issues,
✓ You won’t have to manage the project as each project has a dedicated Project Manager.

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