Senior React Native Developer

29 июля 2020    48

— 5+ years of experience in software development
— Proficiency in TypeScript
— 4+ years of commercial experience with React Native
— Experience with JS framework like React.js
— Team worker
— Has proactive position — not waiting for ticket in Jira
— Level of English: Upper-Intermediate

— High compensation according to your technical skills
— Long-term projects (12m+) with great Customers
— 5-day working week, 8-hour working day, flexible schedule
— Democratic management style & friendly environment
— WFH option (Possibility to work from home)
— Annual Paid vacation — 15 b/days + unpaid vacation
— Paid sick leaves — 6 b/days per year
— Ukrainian official holidays
— Corporate Perks (external training, English courses, corporate events/team buildings)
— Cozy office in the center of the city
— Coffee, cookies and other goodies
— Professional and personal growth

— Build mobile application using React Native
— Employ proper coding standards, unit tests, integration tests and deployment scripts
— Fix core functionality which has been broken due to new software releases of other product components (e.g. update end-point & data model).
— Refactor with an upgrade to the latest version of React and properly implement Redux.
— Upgrade the UI to a set of new designs that have been implemented on the React app — most immediately for forms (UI designs are all available in Figma)
— Add features and SDK integrations such as wallet for ED25519 transaction signing on the App blockchain networks and message routing through Inter-blockchain Communication Protocol
— Identity wallet for storing credentials, compatible with Hyperledger Aries
— AI assistant integration (the UI through a chat interface, including on desktop, using an open-source contextual AI assistant framework)
— Replace mnemonic key generation and recovery phrases with new key management services.

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