Senior QA Automation (remote contract)

1 октября 2018    28

— Commercial experience with JavaScript testing envinronment (is a must)
— REST API testing
— Previous mobile QA experience
— Previous Automation experience
— Jenkins CI
— Git
— Jira
— macOS
— Windows OS

— Java programming
— Ruby scripting
— Python Scripting
— JMeter testing
— Mobile automated framework experience (Appium, Calabash)
— Squish experience
— Working with a Jabber/XMPP client
— Elastic Search queries
— Cassandra DB

Working full-time remotely from anywhere you like with the best engineers
Training experience of 1 months in our Bucharest office
Great compensation and more based on knowledge and experience
Making use of the most modern technologies
Above average compensation and more based on knowledge and experience
21 vacation days plus summer and winter holiday periods

— Design and implement tests in a node.js cucumber harnessed REST API automated test framework;
— Checking API and client automation test results and investigating apparent issues, as well as documenting those issues in Jira;
— Manually testing client application on a necessity basis;
— Designing and running performance tests using JMeter;
— Building utility scripts that interface with the backend stack to either provide reports or
make synthetic changes for customizing the test environment;
— Writing documentation for the created utility scripts and any new tools created;
— Supporting the rest of the automation team when they encounter technical issues;
— Synchronizing the feature QA team with Backend dev to quicker investigate various
— Ensuring the Backend Automation Jenkins instance is running the tests within

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