Senior QA Automation (Perl, Bash)

19 марта 2020    58

Essential Skills

4+ years of experience in automation testing (Continuous Integration software and/or Application Release Automation software).
Knowledge of REST & API testing & automation using PERL or Bash Shell.
Ability to understand the setup and configuration of Third-Party Software by reading documentation and creating docker containers for them (where applicable) for both WINDOWS and LINUX, to assist in automation of tests.
Testing the platform necessitate tests need to be authored and tested for multiple combinations as required — the deployment topology (Single/Cluster), Operating systems(WINDOWS/LINUX/MAC), Databases (Oracle, Microsoft Sequel server, MySQL) Integration type (REST/CLI), Authentication Type (Basic/SSO), Provisioning type (ON PREMISE/CLOUD) etc.,
Familiarity with HTTP, REST, HTML, JSON, and similar web-based development technologies.
Familiarity with working with and configuring cloud providers (AWS, GCP).
English level: Upper-Intermediate

Nice to have:

Previous experience with performance testing using monitoring tools and creating reports.
Previous experience with writing and running automation tests in GCP.
Previous experience with Test Management/ Reporting Tools.
Previous experience with additional scripting languages such as Perl and Python.
Previous experience with Groovy Spock Framework

What you will do:

Be part of a 2-week Sprint executing payloads in lockstep with Developers.
Write test cases for functional requirements
Automate test cases in PERL or bash scripting
Develop a germane understanding of the plugin assembly line process, starting from design to delivery and follow them. Where necessary improve existing processes and become advocates for delivering top quality software.
Incrementally understand the functionality of both CloudBees Core and Flow, as plugin testing would require knowledge of both, apart from third party software.
Work as an independent contributor collaborating with a team of developers and other test engineers.
Collaborate with product management, support and engineering teams in order to establish.
Also you will be responsible for the design as well as the implementation of these tests, the goal of which would be to exercise the Flow Platform in various end-to-end scenarios across the supported platforms and databases. Automation involves authoring API & REST endpoint tests using the Bash shell and PERL (for CloudBees Flow).

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