Senior Python Developer (remote, US company)

25 октября 2018    42

— 5+ years expert level at Python
— Experience with Django 1.8+
— Troubleshooting using SQL queries and django models, MySQL, Postgres databases
— Good experience implementing and consuming REST API’s
— able to implement Backend and Frontend features from client request to client approval (often with minimal guidance from a Project Manager)
— able to refactor legacy Python/Django code
— able to explaining technical concepts in a clear and concise way
— good experience conducting code reviews for other developers
— has experience developing complex ERP/CRM applications
— Experience with JavaScript
— has working experience with Amazon AWS infrastructure

The team
You will work with CEO and 2 others Python Developers (Middle and Senior). There are Magento developers also.
We offer
— New technologies
— Stable american company (direct contract)
— Remote work
— Paid lectures, courses

About your role
On a day-to-day basis you will work with our product team to design, architect and implement the back-end of our product. Your code will run fast, efficiently and will never break.
Senior Python Developer, this position involves:
— Plan, architect, and implement frontend and backend projects using the Python language and Django framework.
— Product development in Python and Django of an in-house ERP system.
— Integrations between our product to 3rd party APIs.
— Support and ongoing development for existing projects.
— Provide clean and DRY code with proper documentation and testing for each project.
— Collaborate with project stakeholders to ensure all requirements are met.
— Being able to mentor/coach/train other colleagues as a subject matter expert.

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