Senior Project Manager & Business Analyst

31 декабря 2019    48

We are a very technical team of developers working on various programming & development tasks. We need a skilled project manager & coordinator to join our team full time.


1. 3 or more years of experience as a Project Manager in the technology field of web & mobile projects. Must have experience to demonstrate. With links & diving into project details.

2. Some high-level Technical knowledge of web & mobile projects, software and various web technologies.

3. Available to work at least 5 hours overlapping with EST New York time zone.

4. Able to talk voice & video over skype as well as provide a direct phone line.

5. Skills / abilities:
— Ability to quickly understand client needs
— Convert conversations into requirements
— Very organized
— Ability to plan & forecast workload
— Excellent communication skills
— Fast response time online
— Proactive & initiative
— Ability to manage resources & scheduling team members
— Able to manage 9+ developers and 10+ projects simultaneously
— Able to work under pressure and find solutions to make things work
— Project documentation knowledge and understanding

6. PM tools:
— Project management tools like jira, confluence, basecamp
— Chating tools like skype, google hangouts, Slack
— Shared files & google spreadsheets


1. Do you fill ALL the MUST HAVE Requirements above, explain?
2. Confirm your availability to work in New York timezone (EST) at least 4 hours per day which hours you can overlap with EST?
3. Are you able to talk voice & video over skype as well as phone direct phone line. What is your local phone number with country code?
4. What project management tools do you have experience with and how much experience in each?
5. Provide the most complex project you have taken from a client and convert into requirements/specifications and helped build and explain about it.

Technical development experience, QA experience

Initial paid test month will be done first.

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